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Committed to allow your facial beauty to be at par with your inner prettiness, SkinSpace Clinic has an all-inclusive bouquet of beauty treatments and aesthetic solutions for you.

From those seemingly untreatable skin and hair conditions to those manageable ones, SkinSpace Clinic ensures to provide you with the best counsel on curative and therapeutic treatments; and, delivering them with utmost care and professionalism.


At SkinSpace Clinic, we pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technological innovations to provide the best beauty treatments like Skin Care, Hair Care, Laser and Aesthetic Beauty Solutions to our clients.


With more than a decade of experience, Dr. Abhay Talathi has successfully catered to myriad skin and hair problems of his beauty conscious patients thus far.

    Acne / Pimples and pimple marks

    Goodbye to Pimples / Acne in India
    While pimples/ acne issues plague teens for most of their teenage years, the alarming news now is that many adults too are prone to acne and pimples. At SkinSpace Clinic, we offer you medicated skin care treatments for acne in India, acne pigmentation in India and acne scars in India to suit your acne grade and skin type.
    Pimply problems in India are our domain
    Our goal at SkinSpace is to provide clients with a clear skin that breathes life and ensures a smart look to their persona. Our qualified teams of medical experts use the latest advances in technology and the right treatment suitable to fight your acne effectively.
    Depending on your age and depth of the pimple dilemma, we frame customized treatments to suit your skin. Our expert guidance and tips can help you maintain your skin to never allow a pimple breakout again.
    Demystifying Acne Myths
    SkinSpace Clinic busts the myth that acne needs to run its course before you can get rid of it. We do not just demystify such old wives’ tales but also educate you on the need for proper skin care and maintenance of an acne prone skin on an everyday basis
    Pimple Facts and Tips
    Wondering why acne needs immediate attention?
    • Pimples/ acne do not just cause irritation and pain but also leave behind marks and scars
    • Treatment of acne pigmentation and scars takes a longer time than treating acne
    • Effective treatments are now available and can take care of acne in no time
    • Early treatment can definitely reduce severity and future breakouts of acne
    • Acne is a deterrent to your overall presentability

    Visit us to gain insight into a treatment regimen best suited for your acne issues. We understand that each individual has a different skin type. Our in-house experts provide the right package to each client to ensure that the person gets a clearer and fresher skin.
    We insist on treating severe acne or pimple problems as these lead to skin damage if left untreated. The moment you step out of SkinSpace, the world will notice the change.
    We have a long list of loyal clientele from India and abroad as a testimony to our services. At SkinSpace Clinic, we are committed to provide affordable treatment to clients who suffer from acne breakouts and pimple marks and scars. Our multi-pronged methodology aids in quick and long lasting results.
    Getting acne-rid skin is only as far as our clinic is from you! Visit us to know more.
    • Dr Abhay is one of the most dynamic young clinicians. I have known him since the past 10 years. I acknowledge his aesthetic work with his clients and medical fraternity. He brings intense passion during his work as well as his training sessions. His Aesthetic observations and study is better than many. His prime concern has always been to provide the best to his abilities. We have been fortunate enough to know him personally. Dr.Prajakta is a very genuine and humble human being. She has always provided highly effective solutions to all her clients. She is very good with treating acne and has a lot of satisfied LASER clients too. Have a Great luck , we feel proud about you.
    • It's an excellent clinic to visit. Dr Abhay & Dr Prajakta are well informed, friendly and provide personal attention. The consultation was concise & to the point which makes everyone to look and feel confident.
      Dr Pinanki
    • Dr. Abhay and I know each other for more than a decade now. We did MBBS together. Dr. Abhay  always had something extra than a typical clinician and he has done enough justice to his talent by being a successful cosmetic practitioner and also an advisor for the Dermatology and Aesthetic industry. He is amongst the few Doctors who are good with clinical judgement, presentation skills, ability to teach others, hands-on workshops and innovative ideas. This unique combination has helped in being a successful consultant to both his clients. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and owe the success of them to his contribution.

      Dr. Mrugesh Chikhalikar | Marketing Manager
      Glenmark dermatology
    • Flora Saini
      Ok I don't really know how to write a testimonial but trying anyways -- I came to meet Dr.Prajakta for a scar treatment I had been taking for 2 yrs and more and not getting results. My first visit made me have an instant fondness for the warm caring nature of Dr.Prajakta not to mention her very friendly approach and knowledge of all that she does. You ask any question and she can answer you. Since that time both the doctors Prajakta and Abhay have become family and it's always a treat to see their smiling faces there. They give me timely follow up advices and right solution for the right job and doing what's right. Infact they are the first doctors who refuse many treatments if they are not right for me. They are not in it for making money but truly to make a difference in someone lives. This correct way makes me a true loyalist at SkinSpace clinic. You guys are the best and there is no where I can even think of going now. Shine on and a big thank you for being there for me and my skin!!
      Flora Saini
    • Dear Dr.Prajakta and Dr Abhay Talathi I want to thank you for the wonderful treatment you both gave me prior to my son's wedding in April 2014. The results are really great. I can't believe what a difference it made to my look/face. This was the best effect I ever had with any treatment. I was very delighted I would also like to mention that you and your staff are very professional and make the patient feel comfortable and special at SkinSpace I am sure both of you doctors will achieve greatest heights in your profession God bless you!
      Senior Manager, Banking Industry
    • Shine Lopes
      Dr. Prajakta answers all my questions and takes time with me. If you are apprehensive or don't have a dermatologist, I would highly recommend Dr. Prajakta
      Shine Lopes
      Student + Professional
    • MT, Investment Banker
      For all your beauty solutions – it’s a one stop shop – the very familiar line for every beauty clinic that mushrooms at your neighbourhood corner… Let me stop you here and tell you there is more than solutions and warm smile. The Energetic, Young and Vibrant Abhay and Prajakta treat you like a family and surprise you by saying “No” to solutions that you do not really need and that makes them unique. What we look for is not the solutions always but a doctor we can trust for everything including all our beauty needs. I am proud  and happy to have found Abhay and Prajakta not just as my dermatologists but as an extended family who are to be treasured for ever.
      MT, Investment Banker
    • " I owe you so much, Dr. Prajakta and Abhay Talathi! I have benefitted greatly from your ';dark circles'; treatment. Let me share here that my ';dark circles'; had always been a source of great embarassment to me as they made me look a lot older than my age. Even then, I was always skeptical about undergoing a skin treatment, as I have an extremely sensitive skin. But a visit to ';Skin Space'; was a revelation about modern medicine and its wonders. The doctors here are not only highly skilled and efficient, but they will at times strongly advise you against going in for an expensive treatment, if they think it is unnecessary and frivolous. How many doctors do you come across these days,d who put ethics before a lucrative practice? Not only do I adore them for bringing back the glow to my skin, but respect them immensely for showing such strict adherence and loyalty to their craft. God bless you both!
    • Surya Shah
      I am extremely happy with Dr.Abhay’s Filler Treatment for my cheeks which has made me look younger than my age and I keep getting compliments. He is also very kind and considerate person as in my case, he helped me with my budget constrains and offered the best solution. My best wishes are always for him.
      Surya Shah
    • With skin ailments being are skin specialists... Really, the main distinctive parameters for any patient are the skill sets of the doctor,the non-commercialised approach and a touch of compassion....all of which  are beautifully encompassed within 'SkinSpace'.... I would surely recommend the clinic for someone I care....
      Vishal Yeole
      Chartered Accountant
    • Tarina Patel
      Dr.Abhay is by far the best cosmetic doctor I have had the privilege to know.  His talent in understanding aesthetics is above the most. His disposition coupled with his flair is why I would consult with only him. I travel to India as his patient
      Tarina Patel
      South Africa
    • Irangi
      I had treatment for acne scars and was very happy with the professionalism and the care offered.
      Colombo, Srilanka