Shape up the beauty of your ears with SkinSpace Earlobe treatment specialist

Earrings are one of the most widely used accessories known today; however, they never need to be too heavy to tear the earlobe. As earlobe is one of the most delicate areas of the body, it can stretch or tear easily because of wearing heavy earrings. It can also get torn if some kind of force is applied through snatching the earring or a blow on the ear.

In such cases, it is possible to get the shape back to how it was earlier with the help of the earlobe treatment.

What is the earlobe repair or treatment?

Treating a stretched ear hole
Earlobes need to be repaired when some kind of force has been applied to snatch the earring or an accident has resulted into damage to earlobe. Sometimes people intentionally stretch the hole on the earlobe to wear certain tribal jewelry or plug earrings that require a big hole on the earlobe. Due to above mentioned factors, the hole tends to get large which could stretch the earlobe or force it to hang loosely.

If a person wants to correct the size and shape of ear
Another case where the earlobe correction can be opted for is when a person feels that s/he has large ears and wants to get it reduced. Such an individual may also consider this treatment if his or her ears have disfigured and s/he wants to shape it up properly.

How is SkinSpace’s earlobe repair treatment or surgery performed?

The specialist will first numb the area so that he or she can repair the lobe. The torn lobe’s edges are fixed with skin removal. It is then reconstructed so that it appears to be normal and is done in such a way that it matches the ear shape and looks natural again. This generally takes an hour or so and the patient can go home the same day after the procedure is completed.

In the case where the patient is getting the earlobe altered or corrected so that it can be resized accordingly, the SkinSpace Earlobe treatment specialist will suggest if it can be done in one seating or would require several of them to get it the way the patient wants. The reshaping can be done to make ears look bigger or smaller or even altered to a particular style which has become one of the common forms of reconstructive surgery of the ear known today.

SkinSpace Clinic can make your ears the way they were

The specialist who does the repair and reshaping of the ears is not just aware of the procedures, however, has an eye to the original shape of the ear and will make the changes accordingly. The repair is done under an environment to ensure that you do not catch any infections. Even the post operative care will be recommended so that you can recover faster. Before starting the procedure, the specialist will also tell you about pre operative care to ensure that nothing goes wrong at the time of the treatment.