Leucoderma is a Latin word which means ‘white skin’. Leucoderma is a skin condition in which the skin produces very little melanin - the pigment which lends color to the skin, leading to the skin becoming white in color, in patches on different parts of the body. There is a lot of stigma attached to Leucoderma in India, and people suffering from it usually are very distressed mentally and emotionally. At SkinSpace Clinic, we counsel people suffering from Leucoderma and help them getting treated. There are a few approaches to confine Leucoderma in India from deteriorating further, at SkinSpace clinic: • We provide care and support, and investigate the area affected by Leucoderma which is the first step in counteracting the condition • Being aware of the skin condition and being proactive helps considerably • Various medical treatments, steroids admission and photoprotection can avoid it from deteriorating • A positive frame of mind during the treatment aids in speedy cure of vitiligo • Treatment of Leucoderma in India might be carried out through various formulations depending upon different varieties of the disease presenting in different patients