Skin Care for Children

SkinSpace Clinic for Children

Real natural child skin care comes from plants and oils. Most of child skin care items are produced from natural extracts and nothing is synthetically changed in them. So, there is less risk for your child to develop skin rashes when correct products are used.
Infant skin is highly sensitive and can develop rashes, redness and itching even after the slightest weather change, small insect bites and use of harsh soaps, oils and other products. Special skin care is required for such tender skin, so right product selection goes a long way. Always take a closer look at the chemicals in your child’s toiletry items especially SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical is used in the manufacture of infant wipes and cleansers, which are known to cause skin disturbances, diarrhea, breathing problems and even eye diseases, especially in small kids. Thus, it is their best interest to avoid formulations containing SLS.

It is always good to know what is right for the tender skin of your child. SkinSpace Clinic has professional experts to guide you on the same.
So, if you want your kids to have soft, supple, well-hydrated and blemish free skin, then do visit us at SkinSpace Clinic.

Conceivably disturbing or hurtful elements

Stay away from items holding conceivably disturbing or hurtful elements. Fragrance free items are usually the safest preparations to use on your children. The most important thing to maintain that wonderful natural infant skin is establishing a regular routine. Each guardian realizes that their child needs the best care for good skin; and, for great skin care advice for your baby, you should definitely visit SkinSpace Clinic. We provide all the necessary knowhow to keep their skin disease free.

Natural infant skin care items

Natural infant skincare items such as skin creams, ointments, infant oils and infant powders mitigate dryness and keep infant skin soft and help to retain delicate skin. By and large, for infant skincare in India, it is best to use skincare products which are specifically made for children. Adult skincare products should never be used for children as they contain chemicals and allergens which may be harmful to an infant or child’s skin. At SkinSpace Clinic, we advise you on the right products for children and also guide you to maintain your child’s skin with proper skincare routines.