Committed to allow your facial beauty to be at par with your inner prettiness, SkinSpace Clinic has an all-inclusive bouquet of beauty treatments and aesthetic solutions for you.
From those seemingly untreatable skin and hair conditions to those manageable ones, SkinSpace Clinic ensures to provide you with the best counsel on curative and therapeutic treatments; and, delivering them with utmost care and professionalism.






SkinSpace Clinic takes immense pride in offering an impressive array of skin and hair treatments. A team of highly competent dermatologists and a support team of paramedical skin care professionals at the leading skin care clinic treat all skin and hair related problems with unparalleled precision.

We, at SkinSpace Clinic, offer cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, Fillers, LASERs and more to our esteemed clients who always make it a point to refer our services and expertise to others around. We ensure to maintain the highest standard of quality of treatments and make you feel welcome and cared for throughout your treatment duration. We believe in transparent and clear communication, which leads to understanding your problems and thus formulating the correct line of treatment for you.

SkinSpace has successfully treated many Indian and NRI patients from Mumbai and its surrounding areas, other Indian Metro cities and people from all over the world. Thus we take pride in our loyal Indian clientele and inbound global clientele hailing from Australia, USA, South Africa and other countries. Our clients are highly satisfied with the care and treatment they get at SkinSpace, which further makes us stand out as one of the best clinics for skin and hair treatment in India.

Know Your Experts
Dr.Abhay Talathi
Dr. Prajakta Talathi

  • Oily and Dry Skin100%
  • Acne/Pimples & Pimple Marks100%
  • Skin Care for Children100%
  • Psoriasis100%
  • Moles and Skin Tag Removal100%
  • Leucoderma100%
  • Hair Fall Problems100%
  • Dandruff Treatment100%
  • Premature Graying100%
  • Botox100%
  • Fillers100%
  • Skin Rejuvenation100%

India has established itself as a brand globally, and a role model for others to emulate. Taking cue from this upward surge to appear picture perfect, Indians have become conscious of the need to be perfectly well-groomed and be at par with their global counterparts. Both millennials and elder folks now understand the need to look good and feel good at office or at home, which eventually makes them crave for more. A flawless skin is a necessity in order to look your best and, for this reason, we, at SkinSpace Clinic, have now become a one-stop destination for those looking for the best quality skincare services. Our team of expert dermatologists helps our customers get healthy, beautiful and blemish-free skin, which could encourage them to take the world in their stride.

At SkinSpace, we address all your skin-related troubles. We help you rejuvenate your skin and, thus, enhance your image.

Located at swanky Goregaon West, Mumbai, SkinSpace Clinic provides personalized solutions for all your skin problems, from the simplest to the most complex.