SkinSpace’s Hair Transplantation treatment

Over the years, various techniques have come up for treating hair loss and baldness. We have seen a lot of people trying out various kinds of therapies but there comes a time when nothing seems to work. That is when SkinSpace’s Hair Transplantation treatment comes into the picture. This procedure gives you a permanent solution to hair loss and baldness problems.

Understand Hair Transplantation
The hair transplant is a surgical process that is done by a professional. In this treatment, the hair is removed from the side where patients have active hair growth, which is referred to as the donor area. It is then transplanted into the area where the hair is thin or not growing – the recipient area.
Once the transplant is done, the patient will notice perceivable change within a period of time. Depending on how bad the problem is, he or she may have to come back for the transplant until the entire bold patch is covered.

Types of Hair Transplant treatments offered by SkinSpace

From laser treatments to shampoos to even lotions and medicines, you will find a variety of treatments for hair loss; however, the one drawback with these treatments is that most of them will not be effective if the area on the scalp is dead. Once the hair follicles stop producing more hair, then they are as good as being dead. In this case, the only way that the hair growth can be restored is by replacing them with new hair follicles, this is where Hair Transplantation in Mumbai can be really beneficial for you. We, at SkinSpace, offer two main types of hair transplantation treatment, i.e. Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. The end process between both the procedures may be the same; however, the extraction process makes both these techniques unique in their own ways.

SkinSpace Cosmetic treatment available for hair transplantation

Follicular Unit Transplantation - FUT

Also known as FUT, Follicular Unit Transplantation is a procedure wherein a certain amount of hair or follicular units are taken out from the donor area and planted into the recipient area. When this procedure is going on, the scalp of the patient is numbed so that a strip can be taken out.
Once it is taken out, the individual follicular units present in the donor strip are separated with the help of special technique. While this is happening, the doctor will also start preparing the recipient area by making tiny slits so that the grafting can be done.

Follicular Unit Extraction -FUE

Also called FUE, this extraction procedure involves direct extraction of follicular units from the scalp. For extraction, an instrument is used to make small incisions around the unit so that they can be separated from the tissues that surround them.
Once the extraction procedure is completed, you will find a small open hole since it is taken out from the scalp. Over time, this hole will heal; however, you will find a small white mark still present there.

Reasons to opt for hair transplants

Involutional alopecia

This is a condition wherein the hair growth tends to slow down due to various factors like aging or some medical condition. Due to this, the hair tends to become shorter and starts getting thin. This happens when the hair follicles are in the resting or telogen phase and the time extends.

Androgenic alopecia or Male pattern baldness

This is a special condition that happens in men wherein the hair on the hairline and temples gradually start reducing. This starts happening when the formation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) starts due to the conversion of the testosterone hormone. The hair follicle starts to shrink which results into the male pattern baldness.

Female Pattern Baldness

This is a condition when women start losing the hair from the skullcap, which eventually forms a bold patch. In such a case, the procedure for hair transplantation can help regain the growth of the hair.

Traction alopecia

When the hair fall starts happening due to external pressure, it is called as traction alopecia. This is a sort of permanent hair loss which leads to the development of a bald patch. In such cases, the hair transplantation procedure can be used to regain the hair back from this disorder.

SkinSpace Clinic specializes in Hair transplantation

SkinSpace clinic caters to different types of hair loss and baldness. The SkinSpace Hair Transplantation specialist assesses the reason for the baldness first and then, determines the duration of the treatment based on the condition and the situation of the hair follicles.