Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment at SkinSpace Clinic

The Laser hair removal treatment is a very good choice if you’re looking for a permanent hair removal solution for areas like the face or whole body. SkinSpace Clinic has one the best lasers in the world for hair reduction ( Diode Laser with Linear Scanning technology). Laser Hair Removal treatment results depend up the type of hair, density of hair, hormonal infulences in body, technology used and experience of the doctor and theapists. SkinSpace Clinic has worked on all this factors and offers customized treatmemt which is still cost effeective. It is always good to select right treatment and not always cheap treatment.

During the procedure,the area to be treated is shaved and Laser light is applied to the area so as to heat up the hair follicles. Sufficient heat is generated so as to destroy the hair follicle. Usually 6-10 sessions are requires to achieve satisfactory results. Other parts that are not under the beam will be protected as the heat does not reach to those areas. At SkinSpace Clinic adequate cooling of the skin is ensured so as to reduce discomfort and improve results

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Laser Hair Reduction is the most effective treatment to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair. It is safe and has minimal discomfort. This can be done on various parts of the body and is generally done by a specialist who is trained to carry out the procedure in the right way.

How is Laser Hair Removal done?
Meticulous treatment planning is done at SkinSpace. Laser targets growing hair so number of sessions and duration between sessions varies based on body ares. Hair are shaved and Laser light is applied. Usually it take 10 mins to 2 hours based on the body part to be treated.

Benefits of this treatment

Permanent Solution
This is a permanent treatment when it comes to the removal of unwanted hair from areas like the underarm, arm, leg, face, bikini lines etc.

This is a very precise treatment and is performed only on the area that it is intended to. Since all the precautionary measures are taken, you can be sure that it will affect no other area.

Considering that this is a fast procedure, the speed factor is really beneficial. Since there are many follicles that are targeted at the same time, the area can be treated within a matter of seconds. However, in areas where patient has long hair, it can take some time. This includes the legs, hands and even underarms or back etc.

These results can vary depending on the area that is being treated and the size of hair; and, that’s the reason why this treatment is very predictable.

Convenient and Effective
It’s a convenient and effective treatment as it can target big or small areas easily and the results are visible immediately. For the complete removal of hair, the specialist will recommend different number of sessions.

Areas targeted for Laser Hair Removal treatment at SkinSpace.

On the face

The Eyebrows
This area can be targeted if you want to alter the shape and size of your eyebrows by taking out unwanted hair.

The Upper Lips
You can get the laser treatment done for your upper lips to eliminate the growth of facial hair in that area.

Several men and women prefer taking out hair from their chin. Laser treatment can be used as a permanent solution for this area also.

Side locks
While some men love getting their side locks styled, some prefer to get it trimmed just like women. The Laser treatment can be used if you want to define the shape of your side locks and take out the excess hair.

On the body

The hands
Shaving or waxing the hair on the hands is one of the most common things that are known today. Using the hair removal method, you can get this done as a permanent solution.

On the Legs
Though you have treatments like shaving and waxing for the legs, however, these treatments are not permanent. In the case of the laser treatment, since it is a permanent solution, you can be sure that within a few hours itself you will see a noticeable difference. In a matter of a few seating, this problem will vanish off completely.

On the back
There are some people who have a lot of hair on their back. Such folks can opt for laser treatment depending on the amount and thickness of the hair.

On the underarms
The hair removal treatment can also be used for underarms. Beauty conscious individuals are now slowly turning to permanent underarm hair removal so that they do not have to get it done regularly.

On the chest region
Laser treatment also reduces the growth of the hair on chest region instead of removing it completely.

SkinSpace Clinic has permanent hair removal solutions

Laser Hair Removal treatment available at SkinSpace can be really helpful. Considering the sensitivity of this treatment, it is not at all essential for the specialist to know how the procedure is done; however, the post and pre-treatment guidance also plays a vital role.