Dr.AbhayTalathi at the prestigious World Congress of Dermatology – 2019

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May 4, 2019
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Dr Abhay at Milan

Dr Abhay Talathi at Milan

Dr. AbhayTalathi delivered a talk yesterday at the prestigious World Congress of Dermatology which is currently being held in Milan, Italy. Dr. Talathi is one of the few Indian speakers who were invited to speak at the conference. Numerous Doctors from across the globe gathered and listened to Dr. AbhayTalathi speak on ‘Complications of Aesthetic Injections’. It was well appreciated by a lot of attendees.

Topics covered in the Complications of Aesthetic Injections presentation

First, he started

Dr. Abhay Talathi covered a wide range of topics starting from the basics about the different types of complications that can occur. After that, he also spoke about factors like:-

  • How and what complications can occur with each set
  • Understanding the kinds of simple complications that are easy to treat
  • How to tackle the more complicated ones depending on the kind of reaction the patient has.

Through this segment, Dr.Talathi not only spoke about the different kinds of complications; however, he also illustrated a few examples along with some simple tricks to avoid such problems.

Dr Abhay Talathi at Milan

Dr Abhay Talathi at Milan


In the next segment of his presentation; Dr.Abhay Talathi covered the most common complications that many dermatologists and patients tend to come across. For in-depth detail, he spoke about the kind of complications that can be caused while using

  • Botulinum Toxin Type A
  • Derma Fillers

Furthermore, he also provided a few interesting useful tips and tricks on how to avoid such complications while using such kinds of fillers.

Dr.Abhay Talathi is one of the renowned dermatologists in India who has delivered various kinds of talks and presentations on different occasions. His expertise and experience help to provide useful insight into the different aspects of cosmetology which was appreciated amongst everyone present at the conference.


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