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PRP Treatment with World Class Arthrex ACP System

Platelet Rich Plasma( PRP ) is one of the commonest cosmetic treatment performed now-a-days. In clinics across Mumbai city, there have been multiple centres offering this treatment. As a lot of people are taking this treatment in this blog Dr Abhay Talathi explains basics of PRP Treatment for the benefit of many…

What exactly PRP Treatment means?
It is a very simple treatment where platelets from persons own blood are separated and concentrated in plasma and used for the treatment of different skin and hair concerns.

What are the benefits of treatment?
Platelets Of humans are a rich source of growth factors. These growth factors once released can help patients of androgenetic alopecia( patterned balding) PRP also plays a very important role in Scar remodelling so it is used in the treatment of acne scars, accident scars and stretch marks. The regular session of PRP shall also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around eyes.

How much time does it take?
About 1 hr

How many sessions are required?
At SkinSpace Clinic usually, 4-6 sessions are performed however the actual number Of sessions vary based on patients presentation

What can go wrong? is it safe?
If you are doing treatment with a well-qualified doctor who knows the exact science behind PRP treatments and ensures a good aseptic environment in the clinic during the treatment then treatment is extremely safe without major side effects. Minimal pain is expected during treatment. Very rarely swelling of The treated area is noticed

Are all PRP systems same?
No. Depending upon the methodology used to separate platelets the results may vary. SkinSpace Clinic uses Arthrex ACP System (Autologus Concentrated Plasma) to ensure both safety and effective results to all its patients

What are the advantages of Arthrex ACP kit?
1) A high concentration of Autologus platelets.
2) Rapid separation without anticoagulant ( no chemical added).
3) Reduced pain during and after treatment.

SkinSpace Clinic is first in Mumbai to introduce World Class Arthrex ACP System

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