Tips for Choosing and Using the Right Sunscreens for Your Skin

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One of the most crucial parts of your beauty routine should be applying sunscreen on the face and body before going out in the sun. Most women have little idea about the kind of sunscreen that their skin requires. There are numerous commercial products sold in the market under the label of sunscreen, yet only a few of them are reliable and effective for protecting your skin against the Indian sun. You should always choose a sunscreen according to your particular skin type. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist if you are having a problem in choosing the perfect sunscreen for yourself.

Here is some essential information that will help you select the right kind of Sunscreen for Skin:

Do you really need to use sunscreens?

 woman applying suntan lotion at the beach

Braving the harsh sunrays without using any sunscreen is not really a smart idea. The UV rays of the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases. The ozone layer is depleting at an alarming rate, allowing the harmful rays of the sun to reach the earth and cause skin diseases. You must be enamored against the UV rays and that’s why choosing the right sunscreen is a must. The right sunscreen will also help in preventing skin allergies and red blotchiness from appearing. It can keep wrinkles and signs of aging at bay too.

Sunscreen for normal skin

 Ð¡ute girl's back with sunscreen on it

Normal skin is not oily or dry. It is least prone to skin problems. The owners of normal skin enjoy a beautiful glowing complexion. If you have normal skin then you can opt for cream based sun block creams. But make sure to dab the excess for keeping your skin sweat free and healthy.

Sunscreen for oily skin

 Sunscreen for oily skin

Oily skin is far more problematic than normal skin. This type of skin secretes excess oil and becomes prone to acne and other skin eruptions. The skin looks coarse yet greasy and shiny. You should try a gel based SPF solution for your oily skin as it will not block the open pores or make your skin look greasier.

Sunscreen for dry skin

 Close up of sexy young woman on the beach applying sun cream

Dry skin is often patchy and flaky. Such skins need a sunscreen that offers complete protection but is not heavy on the skin. Instead of heavy sun block creams you should try moisturizing sunscreen lotions.

Tips for using sunscreen

Sun Drawn On Woman's Shoulder With Sun Protection Cream

Choosing a sunscreen with the right amount of SPF is crucial. Some women make the mistake of using little bit of sunscreen on their skin which is not enough for protecting their skin. Apply sufficient amount of sunscreen (the size of a rupee coin) at least 20-30 minutes before going out into the sun. Wear sunglass and use umbrella for further protection from the sun.

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