Understanding some Fact based benefits of Earlobe Repair Surgery

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Earlobe damage is mainly an outcome of overdoing things. If you are in the habit of piercing earlobes in many places or wearing heavy earrings, you may end up with torn or split earlobes. This is not only a common thing in women but sometimes men also face this problem. Often people with bigger earlobes experience sagging as they age and that affects the appearance greatly.

Enhancing your personality – The trend

Dangling split earlobes naturally do not make a pleasing personality, and the person is left with no other option than to go for earlobe repair surgery. This ‘lobe job’, the alternative term for earlobe repair surgery, is not a new advancement in cosmetic surgery, but very few opt for it for the fear of pain associated with it.

The choice is not bad considering the benefits as a whole. Especially in this fashion-conscious era, there is no point to remain unfashionable while carrying your damaged earlobes wherever you go.

Patients who have undergone this surgery most often report of heightened confidence, which they lacked somehow, as the torn earlobes attract unwanted attention and queries. This usually made them highly uncomfortable. Moreover, post repair work, people felt more comfortable in trying out newer hairstyles, which they could not do earlier due to damaged earlobes.

Therefore, if you have the option of correcting your earlobes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. There is no doubt you need to check a few things before this surgery, but since this cosmetic repair carries almost no risk, satisfying the operation criteria would not be a big deal.

Simple procedure

The good thing is that earlobe repair surgery is quite a simple procedure unless some major tissue reconstruction work is required. The surgeon first sterilizes your earlobes. Using a high-powered magnification, the surgeon makes an incision and takes out excess cartilage and skin to draw the desired curvature of the earlobe. Then he carefully stitches the torn parts of the earlobes together.

Minimally invasive and almost painless

It is almost a painless surgery and not overly invasive. This can be done through a simple outpatient procedure, which roughly takes an hour or less, and is done by using local anesthesia.

Less recovery time

Recovery time is a big concern in every surgery but in this case, it is much less. You can go home immediately after the surgery and get back to your normal activities in just a few hours.

Minimum postoperative care

All you would need is to take some minimal postoperative care to prevent any infection. In case you experience pain, you may need to take some mild painkillers. For removal of sutures, you may have to pay one more visit to the clinic after 1-2 weeks of surgery.

Inexpensive treatment

If you consider the expenses, it is not expensive at all. Though the cost may vary with the geographical locations, it is advised to speak to the operating doctor and get a fair idea of the involved expenses. This may depend upon the locality, clinic and the surgeon.

Doesn’t demand a high-skilled professional

You may prefer to consult an accredited surgeon experienced in Otoplasty procedures but considering the simplicity of the procedure, a super skilled professional is not mandatory. But ultimately, it is the choice of the patient and naturally depends on the extent of damage of the earlobes.

So thinking of re-piercing?

Yes, that is possible too! But you will have to wait for a couple of months for that. And yes, you will have to take some precautions as well. The repair surgery will leave a small scar. You should select a new point for piercing to avoid recurrence of split lobes. While the heavy dangling earrings may tempt you, but you will have to remain satisfied with lightweight earrings, studs or earpieces.


No matter how badly deformed your earlobe is, our expert surgeons will restore it to its natural shape within no time. Our Goregaon clinic will provide you with special Earlobe treatment. It is one of the few clinics in Mumbai that offer this treatment. So, what are you waiting for, visit our clinic soon and find out more about the  Earlobe Treatments.


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